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Homemade soybean powder recipe

Soybeans is a very nutritious food for infants, young and adult. It can be add in pap(Akamu) or drink it like tea.

There are many method of making soybeans powder but I will be using the method below.

In this article I will be showing you how to make soybeans powder from scratch.

Ingredients for making soybeans powder from scratch

• 2 Cups of soybeans seed

• 1 Cup crayfish

• 1 Cup of roasted groundnut

• Sugar

• Pinch of salt


• Put your 2 cups of soybeans in a tray and pick out unwanted ones like stone or spoiled soybeans seed.

• Bring out old pot, that is, the pot that you are not not using again to avoid spoiling of your pot.

• Place it on a lighten cooking gas or stove, place your pot on it pour in your soybeans seed inside the pot.

• Stir it with your turning garri stick continually stirring to avoid burning, turn in all directions.

• continue stir till it turns brown not black

• After that pour it inside a tray to pick out the burned

• After that take it to the market grinder or dry blender along with your crayfish, roasted groundnut, sugar, pinch of salt.

• First, it should be grind in way to remove the shaft from the seed.

• After that pour the soybean seed in a tray and remove the shaft from the seed.

Wait for some minutes to cool before putting it in an air tight contain.

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