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Two Nigerian Meals that are no longer cook in homes and How to Prepare Each

Food is useful to the body, but eating it in varieties has more significant effects on our body system. In recent times, Nigerians eat the same kind of foods every day or every time, rather than prepare the food in different ways. In the past, we are used to eating some traditional and local foods, which, no doubt, we enjoyed and added nutrients to our body.

As civilization evolves, we seem to be neglecting some of these foods, and either go to eateries to eat fast foods, which, rather than supplying the needed nutrients to our body system, for energy and growth, bring harm to the body system, that is, they are unhealthy to our body.

This article will only focus on two of these forgotten or neglected foods. These are Egbo (Cornmeal) with Beans and Ikokore (Water Yam Pottage).

1. Egbo (Cornmeal) with Beans

The ingredients for preparing cornmeal with bean are:

Dried Shelled Crushed Corn




Palm Oil


To prepare Egbo, follow these procedures:

After measuring the tin cups of dried corn, you want to cook (depending on the family size), crush the corn and remove all dirt. Pour the corn into a pot and add water, boil it till the corn is very soft. Then cook your beans as usual but prepare the stew separately.

2. Ikokore (Water Yam Pottage)

The ingredients for preparing Water Yam Pottage are:

Water Yam


Palm Oil

Smoked Fish


Fermented Locust Beans

Ijebu people commonly eat Ikokore or Ifokore. It is delicious and good for the body, especially if cooked with proteins such as smoked fish, crayfish, ponmo, etc. 

To prepare ikokore, follow the steps:

Peel the water yam and cut into small pieces. 

Using a grater, grate the water yam into a bowl, add salt, and mix thoroughly. 

Blend your pepper and onion.

Chop the smoked fish and cut the ponmo into smaller pieces

Place your pot on a stove or gas cooker, pour the fermented locust beans and wait till it melts. 

Pour the palm oil, wait for two to three minutes and then add the blended pepper.

Add all the ingredients such as salt, ponmo, Maggi, crayfish, smoked fish, and meat if possible.

Let it cook for ten to twelve minutes, remove the smoked fish, meat, and ponmo.

Then add some quantity of water. The amount of water depends on the quantity of water yam you grated. Let it boil for some minutes.

After that, cut the mixed grated water yam (beans cake size) in smaller pieces using your hand into the water and wait for some minutes to get cooked.

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