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Cooking Gas No Longer Sell Below #650 Per Kilogram In The Country

Over the years kerosene stoves have been replaced with gas cylinders in various Nigerian household, the usage of cooking gas has been the favourite cooking choice in most homes

The use of firewoods and kerosene stoves have become an unpopular practice among many families in the country, as the use of gas cylinders is not only fast, but also very convenient.

One other factor that distinguishes the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas also known as cooking gas from other cooking methods is that it is "Cost Efficient", a gas cylinder can be used for several years, before it is replaced as it has a longer lifespan of about "15 years " or more before expiration

However, the recent constant hike in the price of cooking gas, has recreated the use of firewoods and kerosene stoves in many homes today

Accordingly to google, the devaluation of Naira as well as scarcity of inflow dollar has been the major reasons responsible for the surge in the prices of cooking gas

In July 2021, one kilogram of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) was sold for #496 and by September 2021 one kilogram of cooking gas increased by #64 as it was sold for #560 per kg

On the 4th of October 2021,one kg of cooking gas sold for#600, and by the 9th of October 2021 it sold between #650-#700( another increase of #90-#140 in price)

Currently the price of cooking gas is sold between #650-#700 in the country depending on one's location, 12.5kg which was formerly sold for #3500 last year, now sells presently between #8125-#8750 and 5kg now sells between #3250-#3500, this new price has been constant for a month now

Below are some comments from cooking gas users on social media

No one knows if the price of cooking gas will reduce soon, but we all hope it does

How much is cooking gas sold in your area? Let us know

Kindly share your comments at the comment section

Thank you.

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