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4 delicious snacks you can make at home and how to make them

Many people like to eat snacks, either at home or in gatherings. Snacks should be choosen wisely to avoid eating those that can be detrimental to health, perhaps that is why some people prefer to make snacks instead of buying.

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 This article will suggest some snacks you can make in your kitchen and how to make them.

1. Plantain chips

This is one of the most eaten snacks especially at motor parks, schools, gatherings and so on. To make this snack, you will get unripe plantain, salt and oil for frying.


* Slice the plantain with a mandoline or plantain slicer.

* sprinkle small salt to taste and mix thoroughly.

* Fry in oil and serve.

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2. Sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips is healthy to eat because sweet potato contain essential vitamins and minerals that are good for humans. You will get fresh sweet potatoes, salt and oil to make this snack.


* Peel the potatoes, slice it in a big bowl of water. Allow to stay for 1hour to remove the starch. Add salt and stir.

* Drain in colander and fry in deep oil.

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3. Coconut chips

This is made with coconut. 


* Cut the coconut into small sizes.

* Put into oven tray and bake for 20 minutes.

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4. Banana chips

This is produced by baking the sliced bananas in oven.


* Slice the banana into a tray.

* Bake in oven for 15 minutes.

* Enjoy with drinks.

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We hope you learn something from this piece, don't forget to share it to others. Remember to follow us for more updates. Always eat well and stay healthy. Thanks for reading!

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