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Meet The German Man Who Invented Knorr Seasoning And How He Did It

Seasoning cubes are bouillon cubes which are commonly used in Nigeria to enhance the taste of dishes.A bouillon cube is dehydrated broth or stock formed in a small cube.They are typically made from dehydrated vegetables,meat stock,a small portion of fat salt,Monosodium Glutamate and seasonings.

Bouillon cubes

One of the most popular seasoning brands in Nigeria is Knorr seasoning.I enjoy using Knorr seasoning and have often wondered about the story behind its invention because it is so different from other seasoning brands in Nigeria.So if you love using Knorr seasoning to cook,or you don't, you will nontheless be informed and entertained by this article which uncovers the identity of the man who invented Knorr seasoning.

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A photo of Carl Heinrich Knorr

Carl Heinrich Theodor Knorr(15 May 1800-20 May 1875), was a German businessman and founder of the Knorr company which now affiliated with Unilever.The story of Knorr seasoning starts back in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened a factory in Heilbronn,Germany, supplying chicory to the coffee industry.Carl began to experiment with drying vegetables and seasonings to preserve nutrition and flavour,leading in 1873, to the launch of the first Knorr dried soups across continental Europe.In 1912, the first Knorr Bouillon cube was made from this experiment.Now, families could enjoy delicious dishes at home without the need to make stock from scratch.This humble little product proved a hit!

The Knorr Logo

In 1957, Knorr brands like bouillon and soups were sold in 8 countries and by 2000, Knorr products were sold in nearly 90 countries around the globe.This led to an important milestone that same year when Knorr joined the Unilever family.

A packet of Knorr Seasoning Cubes

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