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How To Make Sweet Popcorn At Home

Popcorn is a one of the popular snacks in Nigeria especially when eaten with ice cream. So tasty and delicious. It's for both children and adults. Who doesn't love popcorn? Anyway, you are missing if you don't.

So, today i bring to you how to make popcorn at home, but please follow me to continue.


1. I cup of corn

2. 5tbsps of groundnut oil

3. 3spoonful of butter

4. 1 cup full of vanilla essence (optional).

5. Sugar to taste

6. 2tbsp of powdered milk


1. First, divide the corn into 2 equal parts

2. Then, place a medium sized pot on the gas cooker and add 3tbsp of groundnut oil, allow to heat.

3. Add one half of the corn, set aside, cover the pot after 5secs, then you will see it popping.

4. Don't allow the corn to burn, carry the pot from the fire and shake gently till the corn stops popping.

5. Repeat the same process for the other part.

6. After popping the corn, pour it into a bowl. Put the pot into fire and add butter, sugar and a drop of vanilla essence, let it heat

7. After heating, put the popped corn in it and stir well. Pour it into the bowl and add milk and sugar and stir.

8. Your sweet popcorn is ready 😋😋

Why don't you give it a try and trust me, you will ask for more. It's even more better if done at home. Try it out for your family and friends and they will love it.

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