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6 Amazing health benefits of Grape fruits that we mustn't Overlook.

I as a person, I used to believe that the only thing grapefruit provide is vitamin C. The sour and bitter taste is the reason why I don't like grape fruit. But I'm advising add this fruits to your diet and reap the amazing benefits.

#1. protects against cancer : the antioxidants in grapefruit has been linked to reduce some certain cancers. And these cancers include : bladder, breast, esophagus.

#2. reducing stress : grapefruit has a natural fragrance that can inspire the mind, body and spirit. The essential oil in our grapefruit can cause emotional shift.

#3. fight gum disease : an increase in vitamin C level, will aid in the repair of gums. Vitamin C is essential for healthy gums. And it helps keeps the teeth firmly and in place.

#4. boost metabolism : for people who want to lose weight grapefruit is a popular diet. Even when the body is resting, a high metabolism can continue to burn fat. Grapefruit has a high water content which can help you feel full and stay hydrated.

#5. strengthens the immune system : it is no news, that any food that contains Vitamin C strengthens and support our immune system. Consuming a lot of Vitamin C can reduce cold symptoms. This makes it helpful and controlling allergies.

#6. Reduces kidney stone : the natural occurring compound in grapefruit the PKD2 protein that is responsible for the condition. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects not only help prevent the formation of cyst but also reduce swelling in the kidneys that is caused by fluid retention.

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