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16 Pics That Confirms That Nature Is Nothing More Than A Creative Lab.

Just like Alexander McQueen famous quote on Nature " There's no better designer than nature." This quote is 100 percent correct because nature has proved times without number it's self sufficiency. Nature can create astonishing things without the assistance of mankind. Have you seen what an 800 year old bonsai tree looks like? Or perhaps a tomato with it's seeds growing from within? Whether we believe or not, this things simply go in to confirm the fact that Nature is nothing more than a creative laboratory.

So, below is a compilation of sixteen (16) incredible pictures confirming that nature is nothing more than a creative lab. Scroll And Enjoy!

1. Take a look at a type of citrus fruit. It is known as the buddha's hand fruits.

2. This is a surprisingly pink halibut(they are usually white).

3. A girl born with 6 fingers.

4. See how bees survived in an old box used for dried fruits.

5. See the beautiful pattern left behind by a diseased tree after it was cut down.

6. Take a look at the colour transition of the horse between summer and winter.

7. A birth mark inside another birthmark. Note that that's an ankle.

8. This orange had between 4 to 5 layers of fruits within it.

9. This is a Brazilian grape tree called Jabuticaba. The most interesting thing about this tree is that the fruits grows out if it's BARK.

10. Take a look at what a bonsai tree looks like. But, guess it's age? It's 800years old.

11. This is not a dried leaf. It's a butterfly.

12. Looks like the seeds of this tomato have started growing.

13. This is a huge Brahma Chicken.

14. A giant tomato.

15. Take a look at a double jointed toes.

16. This isn't Photoshop, it's a unique breed of corn in America, and it's so beautiful.

Thanks for reading.

Which of this pictures do you find most surprising? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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