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14 Surprising Benefits Of Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a popular spice found in many kitchens and used to prepare many delicacies worldwide. Nutmeg is grown in the Caribbean and other tropical areas of the world. Nutmeg contains magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, and fiber. Since centuries, nutmeg has been treasured for its flavor, aroma and medicinal properties through out the world. It is one of my grandmother's remedy to treat pain and is also used in desserts and culinary dishes. Apart from its many culinary uses, nutmeg exhibits a powerful antioxidant effects against free radicals, this antioxidant properties prevents the onset and progression of many diseases. Nutmeg is commonly used for flavouring many baked items like pies, cakes, cookies, bread, etc. Nutmeg works well in cooking meat based dishes like pork, chicken, goat meat,etc.

Nutmeg can also be sprinkled onto starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, butternut squash and pumpkin to create a deep interesting flavor. It can also be added to warm or cold beverages like hot chocolate and smoothies.

Although,nutmeg is more commonly used for its flavor than its health benefits, nutmeg contains an impressive array of powerful compounds that can help prevent disease and promote your over all health. Freshly grated nutmeg is delicious on fruits, oatmeal and yogurt. Nutmeg can be purchased at your local market or grocery store. Freshly grated nutmeg can be stored in an air tight container and kept in a refrigerator.

The following are the 14 surprising benefits of Nutmeg.

1) Nutmeg prevents bad breath.

2) Nutmeg can help ease pain.

3) Nutmeg improves sleep.

4) Nutmeg helps with easy digestion.

5) Nutmeg increases appetite.

6) Nutmeg reduces brain Fatigue.

7) Nutmeg helps achieve smooth and healthier skin.

8) Nutmeg detoxifies the body.

9) Nutmeg relieves depression and anxiety.

10) Nutmeg prevents tooth and cavity decay.

11) Nutmeg boost immune.

12) Nutmeg relieves diarrhea.

13) Nutmeg prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

14) Nutmeg improves blood circulation in the body.

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