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Eating Healthy, Even As A Typical Nigerian

Growing up as a Nigerian was fun, but it is still a surprise how children do not end up having kwashiorkor. Most of our traditional foods are carbohydrates with little essential nutrients.

Most traditional foods are made either from cassava or maize, and surprisingly the issue of eating mostly carbohydrate-rich meals cuts across all tribes in the country. For instance, the Igbos love Abacha, the Yorubas love Amala, and the Hausas, Tuwon shinkafa, and all of these traditional meals are carbohydrate-rich. As much as these might seem wonderful dishes, the problem lies in the fact that we eat them too often, thereby neglecting the need for a balanced diet. The other nutrients needed for body building may be gotten from the sauce or the soup, however, they exist in minute quantities and are hardly sufficient. Being a foodie has helped me realise how to diversify food choices in order to get a balanced diet, even with little cash.

Here are some possible arrangements that can help:

1.Tom-brown with Akara (Bean cake)

2.Moi-moi and Custard

3.Okpa and Pap

4.Instant noodles and eggs

For lunch, you can make some of our delicious traditional dishes:

1Swallow and any soup of your choice.

For dinner, I suggest,

2.Yam porridge

3.Porridge beans

4.Jollof Rice and plantain

The list can go on and on. Try these and diversify even as a core Nigerian. Fortunately, the good news is that all the food combinations listed above fall within a close price range. So you have no excuse not to diversify and have a healthy meal.

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