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Step by step guide to prepare OKPA, a delicious delicacy in eastern Nigeria

Opka, a delicious delicacy from the Enugu state, in Eastern Nigeria. Alot of people would love to make this delicious meal but very few really know how is is made. The best way to get a beautiful taste is to use as few ingredients as possible.

Here are the ingredients for making this sumptuous delicacy;

Okpa flour, also known as Bambara groundnut

Seasoning cube, 

Palm oil, 

Habanero pepper, 


Okpa wrappers (dry banana leaves or tough transparent nylon bags), 

And warm water. 

How to prepare

Step 1; Sift the Okpa flour into a clean bowl, keeping in mind that 450grams of flour will be enough to make 12 wraps of okpa. 

Step 2; crush the seasoning cube and mix it with the sieved Okpa flour. And don't forget to add salt (to taste), 

Step 3; add palmoil to the flour, knead together to get a uniform color.and make sure the color is even before you continue. 15 teaspoons of palmoil will be enough to make 12 wraps of Okpa, 

Step 4; pour enough water to cover all the wraps in a pot and and set the water on the stove to boil, 

Step 5; begin adding warm water to the mixed flour, and mix till the flour has no lump. You can sieve it to easily crush the lumps. You can as well use a blender to mix the flour so the lump will be eradicated, 

Step 6; slice the habanero pepper, and add to the flour, check if the salt is enough. Add more if necessary, 

Your okpa is ready to be placed in the pot of boiling water

Step 7; While the water is boiling add some banana leaves or nylon bags into the pot of boiling water to form a base for the opka wraps, 

Step 8; place two sheets of banana leaves on a flat surface and fold one end to meet the other, 

Step 9; roll the open end like a mat till it is enough to prevent leakage and gather the end together. 

Step 10; tie it up with a string (preferably a string from sack of rice), 

Stir the mixture well and pour into the wraps. Tie up the other end and it is ready to enter into the pot of boiling water. 

Cover it with banana leaves and leave it to boil for one hour, it is ready for consumption once it is strong all over. 

You can eat the okpa with ogi, oatmeal and custard.

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