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8 Foods That Make Kids Grow Faster And Taller

If you want your kids to grow taller, they should see certain food you must add to their diet. These food don't just help them in growing tall, but makes them healthier and stronger. The food includes the following :

1. Eggs

They contain protein, which plays the biggest role in increasing your kid's height and making them grow healthy, so make sure they eat an egg everyday. You could make them yummy omelet or s boiled egg for breakfast is a great way to start their day and get protein into their body

2. Milk

Milk is filled with calcium, which is greatfor the growth of bone as well as strength, so ensure that kids drink lots of it. 

3. Soya-Beans 

These are vegetarian food which is rich in protein, they improve the growth of bones and muscles, so create yummy recipes with soya-beans for your kids. 

4. Oatmeal 

This super good is rich in protein and has low fat content, it is one of the healthiest food for anybody, so get your kids to eat it on a regular basis to grow healthier and taller. 

5. Chicken 

Recipes that includes chicken are always loved by kids so getting them to eat this would not be difficult. It meat are healthy and rich in protein. 

6. Spinach 

Spinach is a super vegetable, that will not only give your kids the strength that they need but also provide them with iron calcium. These two nutrients are essential to make sure that your kid grow tall.

7. Fruits

We all know that fruit are important to one's health. They are rich in vitamin A such as mangoes will help your kids grow taller and strengthen their bones, when they are added to their diet. 

8. Whole Grain 

Get your kid to eat whole grain foods, whenever they can. They are the healthiest option when it comes to grain. They are rich in vitamin B and iron. Whole grain bread, rice as well as cereals is awesome choice if you want your kids to grow taller. 

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