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Here are 5 Foods You Should Consume When You Feel Hungry at Night

When you wake up at Night, you might have the feeling to eat something. At this point, it is not all foods that you should eat. So you might be wondering, which types of foods are good for the body at that time?

Well if you were able to wake up late at night and wish to eat a food, here are 5 foods you should consume at night.

1. Cheese and Crackers

This two food combinations are the best snacks to take at night. The protein that is found in cheese together with carbs in crackers makes it a perfect food for the body as it will help balance the blood sugar.

Eating this type of snack could also reduce your risk of having increased weight.

2. Yogurt

If you saved up a bottle of yogurt that would be perfect as a mid night snack. This is because it is rich in protein which is not only refilling but also fulfilling.

It has been also linked to high quantity of calcium which helps in promoting better sleep. This is one of the best food to eat at night.

3. Egg

Eggs which could commonly be kept at most homes is also a perfect mid night snack. A single hard boiled egg contains all the essential calories that could take your hunger and keep you filled.

4. Milk Smoothie

This is a meal that its major content is milk with a little quantity of whole grain. They help in calming down your muscle and contain large quantities of protein that could promote better sleep.

5. Bananas

Banana is more of a fruit but it is one of the best to eat at night. It might increase body melatonin (hormone that promotes sleep) and it also has relatively low calories but enough to full you.

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