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Eating habit to live longer

Based on studies on people that lived for a very long time, mostly between the age of 85-150 years, it wont be a surprise knowing that what they eat was what kept them alive for that long. There is a saying that 'food is the entrance ramp for better living' Here are some of what they eat.

1 There is limit to their dairy intake: Sheep and goat milk are better when consumed as liquid such as yogurt, cheese and sour milk. Cow milk is not advisable for aged adults.

2 They eat more and more of beans: Beans is the super-food you should take if you want to stay longer, beans is a body building food, either black, red or white beans, all are advisable to eat to keep you fit and strong for a very long time

3 Snacks preference are NUTS: Most of the people that have lived very long take at least one and a half handful of nuts in a day, some prefer almonds. there is a scientific claim that nut eaters live 2 years longer on average than people who don't eat it.

4 They moderate their fish intake: It is better to eat small amount of fish, at most four times in a week. preferably cooked fish, not preserved fish like Sardine, Titus, geisha, cod and so on

5 Their meal are 94-98% plant-based: Fresh garden vegetables and leafy green plants such as collards, spinach are the most recommended. The bulk of their diet is made up of beans, sweet-potatoes, fruits and so on.

6 They don't consume processed foods: to avoid taking preservative chemicals which damage some cells and tissues in the body, they prefer fresh and clean foods, they avoid processed food and snacks by all means. food that are processed might be sweet but they have already loose 30% of their nutrients.

7 They drink more of water, coffee and tea: It is recommended to drink at least 6 glasses of water in a day for proper hydration of the body, coffee and tea are also good for the body but not as good as water.

Stay healthy to live longer... Thanks for reading

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