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OH MY GOD: Lady Refuses To Eat Out Of The Meat She was Selling In Okokomaiko, Lagos

Am so surprised She can’t eat out of the meat she was selling to others.

People were willing to pay for the meat that she will eat in the video but she can’t eat it.

From what I saw in the video, the lady sells cooked chicken legs. Perhaps, she is new to the area and didn't know that the people around would find her goods disgusting. What I can deduce from the video is that the people around are expressing disgust at what she is selling and asking her to eat of it.

Sshe can be charged with poisoning people. Why can you sell that which you can not eat??

Imagine buying food with your own money, but a large portion of your glory has disappeared spiritually. Watch where and what you eat from. A man who has control over his throat will save himself a whole lot of cool trouble

see the video link below:

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Lagos Okokomaiko


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