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Most popular breakfast options in Nigeria

Although breakfast is very important and undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, not every one likes eating breakfast. People give different reasons why they skip breakfast such as; it makes them dull during the day, they do not have time for it and some eat just once or twice in a day. Whether you like eating breakfast or not, you will agree that there are certain meals that are well known and approved by almost everyone as ideal breakfast food. We will be looking at some of them today.

1. Bread and tea: this is the number one breakfast option in Nigeria. Although not everyone likes bread and tea, but it is almost impossible to see anyone who doesn't eat bread and tea at all. Tea in this context doesn't only apply to actual 'tea', most people refer to beverage too as tea.

2. Akara and pap: Akara also known as beans cake is a very popular and healthy street food and you will agree with me that it goes really well with pap especially on Saturday mornings

3. Noodles: Noodles are not only delicious, they are cheap, time saving and they can be prepared anyhow and with any ingredients to suit the taste of the consumer

4. Beans and bread: also known as Ewa Agonyi in yoruba. Beans and bread is not only a balanced meal, it is also delicious

5. Akara and bread: some people like to call this street food 'A and B' (akara and bread) some prefer adding a C to it ( akara bread and coke). You will agree with me that akara and bread is one amazing breakfast option that is not limited by place or time

There are many more breakfast options out there, I believe you also have your own favourite breakfast meals, share your thoughts with us at the comment section.

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