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MEAL PRESENTATIONS: Various Ways To Present Meals To A Special Visitor And Make Him Trip For You

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No matter how delicious a meal is prepared, if it is not well presented, it will loose its value. First impression they say, matters.

The first leg you throw in a dance is always used to judge your dancing competence.

I am talking about entertaining our visitors. Not anyhow or errand visitor, I mean your special visitor. I mean when your best is coming to visit.

"My love is coming home for dinner. My fiancee is coming for a visit, what do I cook? My husband's birthday is tomorrow, what do I prepare for him?

My darling went for a business trip and he will be back tomorrow. What do I prepare?"

Don't worry, the answers are here.

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Yes. I want to talk about entertaining our men alone in this article. We shall discuss about the lady's next. But men in the house may also copy from here and entertain us too. "The food that a pregnant woman craves for is also good for the man that impregnated her". Meaning that, what is good for the men is also good for the ladies.

They say if you want to win your man, give him good twerks in bed. It is not 100% true. If it is so, the prostitutes will get the whole men for themselves.

The way to a man's heart is towards his stomach.

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If you twerk well, cook well and behave well, my dear, you are already in his paradise and you have won him into your dynasty.

If you are expecting a special visitor, see these different meals and their presentations.

Before you go on to select any menu for him, make sure you know what he likes most. Choose his favourite.

For the special visitors that like swallow; choose from below:

*Start from Small chops

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Egusi and Semo

Amala and Ewedu

Wheat and Vegetable soup

Wheat and Okro soup


For the special visitors that like rice; choose from below:

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Always serve your visitors with pure white or golden colour dishes. It brings out the beauty of the meals.

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