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8 Ideal Food Your Children Should Be Eating To Grow Healthier And Faster.

8 ideal food your children should be eating to grow faster and healthier.

When babies stop breastfeeding and start to eat solid food or kids who are still growing, all they need are food that supply them the perfect nutrients that improve their growth and health.

If our kids must grow faster and healthier we ought to replace junk food with the right healthy food their body needs.

Feeding them with this food is not only affordable which helps parents spend less money on baby feed, but they are easy to get.

Today, I'll be showing you 8 ideal food your children should be eating to grow healthier and faster:

1. Beans, plantain, fish and vegetables

Beans is rich in protein that helps to build and repair amd build their body. You can garnish with fish, plantain and vegetables.

2. Fresh tomatoes and eggs

This is a rich combination to feed your children with, because eggs are rich source of protein so mixing it with tomatoes would make your kids even healthier and grow faster.

Note: all you need to do is to boil your eggs and slice them with fresh tomatoes.

3. Okro soup with vegetables

Most children love eating okro soup, so you can make it rich by adding vegetables (ugwu, efo) and they'll love it even more.

Vegetables and okro contain minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients.

4. Vegetable soup

Vegetables are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc. So adding vegetable soup to your children's diet will help their growth and good health.

5. Yoghurts

Yoghurts contain calcium and proteins that are essential for the growth of children.

6. Milk/Soya milk

Milk is high in protein and is very important becaudse it helps to build their body and bones, this is also the same as soya milk helps in body building and repairs.

7. Fruits

There are so many fruits you can feed your children with, fruits contain vitamins and minerals that the body requires. Eating these fruits also helps in smoothening their skin.

It's very important you add fruits to their diet.

8. Carbohydrates

Food like rice, bread, pasta, pap, noodles etc. if you feed your children with carbohydrate it gives them energy and makes them add healthy weight.

Try adding these food to your children's diet today and you'll see fast results.

Thanks for reading!

Good luck!

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