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"Udara" or "Agbalumo" Are Its Native Names, Here Is The English Name and Some Health Benefits

Due to availability of Indigenous languages, we are faced with the challenge of not knowing the particular English names for some fruits and other things we come across. Some people have given certain fruits indigenous names therefore neglecting the accurate names for such fruits.

But in this article, we are going to have a look at the English name of the fruit, Yoruba people call Agbalumo and Igbo people call Udara. Not only are we going to know the English name, we are also going to see some of its health benefits and importance to humans. Just sit tight and learn something new from this article.

Check Out The English Name Of Agbalumo or Udara and It's Health Benefits;

1 . First of all, it is called African Star Apple. It is an African fruit enjoyed by many african countries including Nigeria. You can still decide to call it Udara or Agbalumo but it doesn't change the fact that those are indigenous names and not the English name.

Now, you may ask why the English name is so important, let me break it down for you here. The English name of this fruit is important because our official language is English and it will be easier for you to discuss this fruit even with people outside your locality with a universal English name. So try as much as possible to grab the name.

This fruit is acidic and as such contains some important health benefits. Some of the health benefits applies to pregnant women.

1 . The acidic taste of this fruit prevents or reduces the urge to vomit amongst pregnant women. So if your wife is pregnant and always vomiting, just buy her enough African Star Apple and encourage her to eat them and watch how the urge to vomit will subside.

2 . It is a Natural Anti-oxidant; the fruit contains vitamins that naturally removes dangerous oxidizing agents from the body of a living being.

3. It contains High Vitamin C Content; the African Star Apple contains vitamin C content in large quantity and this helps to reduce immune system deficiencies, prevents premature aging of the skin and also protects one against Cardiovascular diseases. Infact, the African Star Apple is a wonderful fruit not only is it very tasteful, it is also very medicinal.

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