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Expecting Visitors? ENTERTAIN them with this FINGER Food! PEPPERED PONMO & DUNDUN! picture steps

Spicy Ponmo and Dundun (fried Yam) is a special kind of Nigerian delicacy.  

Ponmo, aka Kpomo or Kanda is a major soup supplement for fish and meat in most Nigerian homes.

If you remember, sometimes ago in this country, when the government woke up one morning and decided they were to going to ban ponmo! How is that even possible?

Their reason was that, they suddenly realised that cow skin/hides would make more dollars, if they were converted into leather for export instead of eating it all.

Ofcourse, Nigerians Disagreed and they took to various social media platforms to express their hilarious concerns about the issue.

I know we've all agreed that Ponmo doesn’t have any nutritional value, but we cannot just resist the way the skin melts and stay crunchy in the mouth.

Cooking it also very easy.

The first time I ate this combo was at a party. They used Boli (roasted plantain) instead of Yam.

It tasted so good! I knew at that minute that I won't be alright, if I dont recreate this the next day.

So i did! but since I didn’t have plantain to use, I tried with fried yam.

My God! It came out extra delicious. I made it too spicy tho, so I ended up drinking water throughout the whole day…lol

The next day, some sets of Food Chops thirsty friends came visiting.

I re-cooked this delicacy and they couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks, especially the fact that they also had to drink water throughout the whole day too.

I made it extra spicy as a punishment for showing up unannounced…lol.

This is also one of the perfect finger food to serve your guest for at a party.

Next time you host a party, include this recipe and it will sell out.

You know those times when the party Jollof and fried Rice has finished, but you still have some few friend and family around, pair this dish with a good pair of wine and watch them talk about your party for months too.

This is perfect to serve your guest for Christmas aside the usual rice, or pounded Yam.

Take a look at this spicy delicacy again!

Tell me, what else can be more Nigerian than this dish?

Are you ready for this? Trust me, it’s not difficult at all. Let’s start cooking!

View your ingredients below.

I’m a minimalist cook, so I tend to use a lot of simple and few ingredients.

When choosing your ponmo, go for the soft ones so you’ll enjoy your dish and not spend all your time chewing and biting.

For the pepper mix, I used a combination of Atarodo (Scotch Bonnet) and plenty onions. You can add tomatoes to take away too much heat from the dish.

This delicacy can be spicy depending on the kind of pepper you use. Keep some part of the sliced onions. You’ll use for garnish later.


We have to fry the yam first.

One little secret to getting the perfect yam… crunchy outside, soft and yummy inside, is to sprinkle some water into the oil you are using to fry.

The Yam will fry well and make it extra delicious to eat.


We have to boil the ponmo as well.

So, season with your favourite spices, add salt and let it boil.

This will soften the ponmo and add some flavour to it.


So let’s start frying our peppers.

Get a pan, add some oil, onions and add the pepper.


Season the sauce adequately.

Leave the sauce to fry till it's sweet and ready to use.


Combine the ponmo and dundun together in the pot and and sprinkle some onions and pepper for garnish

Finally, just leave the pan of deliciousness to sizzle a little and its done!

Serve with any chilled drink and enjoy yourself!.

Feel free to recreate this for your friends and family members too. They will absolutely love it.

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