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Check Out The Different Dishes That Can Go With Banga Soup

The Igbo calls it ofe akwu, the Urhobo calls it banga soup. The ofe akwu is popular dish made in the southern part of the country. The major ingredients is the palm fruit. Some individuals prefer the ofe akwu than the normal stew used in eaten rice. The ofe akwu when garnished well, taste great. Depending on the tribe, different individuals eat different food with the ofe akwu. Let's take a look at some of the dishes that can go well with ofe akwu. 


Parboiled white rice can go well with ofe akwu. I in particular prefer to eat rice with ofe akwu than with tomato stew. 

SwallowThere are individuals that eat swallow with ofe akwu/banga. Many Urhobo people eat starch with banga soup. 


Yam can also be used to eat ofe akwu. 

Rice and beans

Parboil rice and beans will go well with ofe akwu. 

You should ofe akwu with any of the above, and you will appreciate it. 

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