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How To Prepare Beans Soup.

Only Few People Know This So Read Carefully

Bean are good source of fiber, having a kidney shape they contain carbohydrates, folate, iron and are very rich in protein.

Beans can help to cure a strong stool, and also go a long way to Lowe your blood cholesterol.

It can be cooked in so many ways but will are going to look at how it can be prepared as soup.

Step 1.

Measure a desired cup of beans ( after removing the impurities ) put your beans into the pot and add water, allow to boil for about 10 minutes because it contains some toxic chemicals.

Step 2.

After boiling your beans bring it down and watch it with water, then you take your beans back to into the pot and add water.

Step 3.

Make sure you add only onion first, this help the beans to be soft and also enables other ingredients to be absorb into the beans. (Cover your beans and allow to boil for about 3 minutes ).

Step 4.

Is time to add your ingredients, add your Pepper, Maggi and Salt, allow it cook for 2 minutes ( start steaming your meat and fish ).

Step 5.

Add your meats and fish, allow to cook for 1 minutes ( start cutting your vegetables).

Step 6.

Add your vegetables and allow it to cook for 30s, and then turn your beans to blend it ( it should look watery).

Bring your soup down and dish it into a plate.

You can eat it with your Garri or Sermo

I hope you have learnt something.

please share, like and follow me for more delicious soup.

Thank you and God bless, Stay Healthy.

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