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Some Nigerian Foods People Enjoy

1. Pounded Yam: because, why not? Pounded Yam isn’t overrated…. It goes with anything. Why won’t you just love it. Let me do a subset of those soups for you.

  • White Soup
  • Egusi soup
  • Ila Alasepo or Just your regular Okro
  • Ogbono
  • Edi ikang ikong
  • I would have said Ewedu but Im not a fan

2. Fried Yam/Dundun: just accept it Yam is bae. I will classify potato chips and fries under fried yam because he is boss.

3. Jollof Rice: party style. Whenever I want to sample an eatery, buka, fast food joint….Jollof Rice is the go to. If you fail at Jollof, I don’t know think I’d trust your cooking. Jollof with sizzling Chicken because I have not really tried Turkey (sad).

4. Moin Moin: perfect at morning, perfect at night. Nigerian style cake. The fillings this thing gets has enthroned it.

5. Yam Porridge/Asaro: Especially with veggies and a touch of goat meat. A bottle of chilled coke will settle the rest.

6. White Rice and White Beans: I just had to indicate the color so you don’t miss it. Number 6 on the list though…

7. Peppersoup: of any kind….with a sparkling drink. The taste is the difference. Who doesn’t want a bowl of peppersoup?

8. Goat Meat: is it food…? Yes, duurh. So, either Asun or just fried just know that Goat meat is DELISH….

9. Fish: fried, boiled, roasted, dried, a boiling pot of stew.

10: Efo riro: because it is a meal on its own

Is any of your favorite in the list?

Photo Credit: All photos are sourced from various accounts on Pinterest

Content created and supplied by: Davemart01 (via Opera News )

Dundun Nigerian Okro Ogbono Pounded Yam


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