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Imagine spending $9million on a cup of ice cream- See photos of the most expensive ice cream

Strawberries Arnaud – Arnaud’s Restaurant, New Orleans

Strawberries Arnaud is very expensive ice-cream that cost around $9.5 million. To taste this amazing and most expensive ice-cream you have to travel to Louisiana. This delicious ice-cream combines strawberries, wine, cream, spices; mint that port with vanilla ice-cream. You have to visit Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans to taste this piece of heaven. Chances are that this is not the most a dinner date has ever cost. Arnaud’s Creole food in New Orleans charges $9.85 million for a luxury Strawberries Arnaud (Their normal one costs $9). Do not start sweating because the dessert comes with a “complimentary” cocktail including Cristal Champagne and edible 24-carat gold leaf flakes. It also comes with a 10.06-carat diamond royal blue engagement ring. Arnaud’s Crab Cakes go for a more reasonable $31.95, meaning those who opt to dine with their proposal spend well over the illustrious 8 million dollar dinner date.

 the most expensive street food in the world is an ice cream called Strawberry Arnaud. It is nothing like ordinary ice cream we usually buy from ice cream trucks or stalls by the streets. Strawberry Arnaud is a dessert with a jaw-dropping price served by Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

The dessert is one scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with slices of Louisiana strawberries. Then it is drizzled with a mix of ruby port, red burgundy-style wine, cloves, cinnamon, sugar and a slice of orange and lime. Plus, a dollop of whipped cream, a whole strawberry, and a sprig of fresh mint are added to garnish the dish.

The final touch that makes the price of this ice cream jumps to $1.4 million is a 4.7-carat pink diamond ring that once belonged to Sir Ernest Cassel, an English financier.

And the experience of eating expensive ice cream does not stop there. It also comes with white-gloved waiters pouring a rare port of Charles X crystal cave liqueur set worth $24,850 in the presence of jazz ensemble. That is street food turned fine dining to its finest!

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