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Five restaurants living on past glory in Nigeria.

I recall days when only rich people could afford these restaurants and it was bragging rights for customers. Fast Forward to 2020, these restaurants are shadows of their past glory and it is considered disgraceful to go on a date in any of these restaurants or even to have selfies of eating there. Life is vanity and nothing truly last. Here are the five restaurants living on past glory now:

1. Mr Biggs:

This popular restaurant shots itself in the leg the moment they franchised it. But honestly, this restaurant once had the best jam doughnuts and cakes in Nigeria. Quote me anywhere.

2. Tantalizers

Just as most married women transformed themselves to old rags and stopped making efforts to look attractive, tantalizers has also stopped making efforts. No new products, revamping...just same old dog doing exactly the same old tricks.

3. White House

This used to be the best Amala (swallow) joint in Lagos. People would travel miles and waited on queue just to get a plate of their hot Amala. The restaurant still exist but now, it looks like a rickety restaurant on life support machine.

4. Sweet Sensation

No idea why this restaurant was ever famous, but apparently, people patronized the restaurant massively. Mr Biggs paved way for fast food restaurants im the country and Sweet sensation was smart enough to jump on the trend just like Tantalizers, however, they all failed to rebrand and give their customers new products.

5. Chicken Republic or TFC

Which of these restaurants do you think should be number FIVE?

Which other restaurants did I miss?

Content created and supplied by: Folasade_Adeyeni (via Opera News )

Amala Lagos Mr Biggs Sweet Sensation White House


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