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6 Foods that you should never reheat, if you want to stay healthy.

Many harmful food habits may lead to health problems that may lead to death, and the most important of these habits is to reheat some foods after storing them in the refrigerator and eating them again.

Nutritionists warn of this habit as after reheating these foods may cause death. In the following report, we review the most prominent of these foods:

1- Chicken

When the chickens are left in the kitchen the bacteria accumulate on them, and when reheated again the protein in them may be cracked, which may cause food poisoning or stomach upset.

So when it is reheated it is better to be at a high temperature, and beware of placing it in the microwave in particular, as heat does not reach it enough in all parts that hinders the killing of bacteria.

2- Potatoes

Potatoes are also foods that are easy to grow with bacteria called poisoning botulinum, when left after they are first cooked at room temperature and then reheated, as heating cannot kill these bacteria, so it is best to store them in the refrigerator.

3- Mushrooms

Mushrooms must be eaten immediately after being cooked, or put in the refrigerator for no more than one day and not left at room temperature so that bacteria do not accumulate quickly, and so re-heating becomes a problem that damages the digestive system and generates toxins in the human body.

4- Eggs

The protein present in eggs when reheated causes damage to the body’s systems, it should not be eaten immediately after cooking, or eat cold after some time, because protein-rich foods contain a lot of nitrogen and due to reheating the oxidation which leads to severe damage to human health.

5- Oil

Avocado, hazelnut, nuts and flax oils should not be reheated, as they turn into smoke upon heating, which causes great harm to human health.

6- Rice

Heating rice in the microwave can cause food poisoning if you eat reheated rice, due to the presence of highly resistant bacteria that can multiply any germs it contains.

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