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Eating Excess Salt Is Bad For You: See Three Warning Signs That Shows You're Eating Too Much Salt

Notably, consuming too much of anything is literally dangerous for one's health.

More reason why we shouldn't be caught consuming anything, not even the so-called edibles in excess.

This is extremely harmful to one's health and if one person, there is a huge possiblity that ill health could be the outcome.

Salt is idealy needed in the body system as they tend to be good sources of Potassium, phosphate and some essential vitamins.

But, too much intake of salt is deadly to one's health.

You must desist from doing this and come to the level Where you become increasingly aware of the quantity of salt you put into your every Meals.

Below, are the basic warnings you would get if your body has accumulated excess salt intake.

1. Strange and unusual swelling.

Trust me, having your legs swell up when you're not injured in any way is something to worried about.

Basically, there are majorly two things that could be responsible for swollen feet, kidney related issues or pregnancies, and this is one reason why you shouldn't get all comfortable around your swollen feet.

You're ill. You're sick

Truth is that you have consumed excess sugar.

2. Drinking too much.

Drinking enough water is nice and medically proven to be worthwhile and good for the body.

But, it only becomes a problem when you notice that you're thirst for water has increased drastically, thus making it impossible to stay a minute without taking water.

Please, once you notice this sign, you're actually sick and down with excess salt consumption.

3. Excess urination.

It is normal to find yourself urinating constantly especially at the early stage of your pregnancy, but, when it isn't so, then, something is definitely amiss.

You're down with something unhealthy.

You've consumed excess salt and your system is likely to react soon if nothing is done about.

Basically, these are the three major signs/ warnings that you have excess salt consumption.

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