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Prepare Tasty Popcorn For Your Household With Just Three Ingredients And A Pot!

Before I go into this article, I want to make something clear. Here it is: once you know how to cook your dishes and make your snacks at home, you will save a little of money. I'm not saying buying food outside is bad. It is very helpful if you have a tight schedule. But if you are free, please cook your food at home.

I want to teach you how to prepare popcorn at home with a minimum of three ingredients.

Popcorn is a very delightful snack and children love it a lot. You can take our time to prepare it for your family this coming weekend. Give them a treat and they will be very happy.


Here are the three minimum ingredients:

1. The corn.You can get it in the market. Just tell them you want the corn used in making popcorn and they will give it to you.

2. Granulated sugar

3. Butter or groundnut oil

That's all. However, you are not limited to using those three ingredients. You can use milk too and honey in place of the sugar. Whichever works for you is fine.


1. Bring everything out and keep them set. As mentioned earlier, you will need only a pot with a tight cover and your gas or stove. Using a popcorn maker or machine is not necessarily important.

2. Start by putting your pot on the fire. Allow to get hot.

3. Melt little quantity of your butter in it or add groundnut oil.

4. When it is hot, add little quantity of the corn and close the pot tightly.

5. You will hear the corn popping. After about two minutes, the popping would have stopped. Bring the pot down immediately.

6. Be careful so you won't get burnt popcorn. To avoid burning, shake the pot vigorously once in a while. Once it is out. Mix a little granulated sugar in it and stir.

7. Pour out into a bowl or tray.

8. Continue the procedure with the remaining corn.

If you are using honey, you can't mix it like sugar. What you will do is to add the honey immediately your margarine or groundnut oil gets hot.

Serve with a chilled drink!

With this recipe, you don't need to go outside anymore to buy popcorn since you can easily make it at home. You can just buy the corn in a large quantity and use whenever you want.

Remember to try it out this weekend.

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