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Some Combination Of Foods You Should Stop Eating To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself

Food is very important to every living things on this planet and it is very important to eat well in order to live well.

Their are some foods you most be aware of if you are going to places of importance.

Some people's eating habits is so terrible if not funny due to the combinations of food they eat and this will be discussed in this article.

Beans, indomie and Egg.

I wonder why you will be so wicked to eat the two foods together knowing fully that the two can make you to pollute the air with serious and magnificent odour. But beware, don't eat this to an interview especially when they conduct their interview through a panel of judges that will take hours before you will be through with the process.

Moimoi plus Beans

I don't even know what this person will be thinking before he plotted this evil by eating what he knows will make people run away when the result comes out.

I remember when I was in an elevator with some friends and one of us farted, if you see how everyone was feeling, it's as if we were dead because the air was so thick that can make someone have catarrh. But after we got to the last floor that was the 15th floor, I was so happy to be released from the bondage of fart. And I thank God that I am a living witness

Beans plus Egg plus Akara ( bean cake)

Hahaha, what a wicked combinations of foods. I don't think I can eat this foods together and be comfortable with my spirit, soul and body because this can results to "deadly aroma of the anus" fart.

I wonder why people will be so selfish for not considering other People's welfare. This is the worst combinations ever.

Someone told me that when he went for an exam with his room mate sometimes ago, the guy ate this combinations to the exam Hall. My people, If you see the kind of solo everyone is making in the hall, it just as If they are in a musical concert with the rhyming of humming, they are sure to win. The external supervisor came to the hall and was sent back with immediate effect. My friend said that the man never come and inspect them again tomorrow till the end of their exam.

Comment on this if you have ever eaten this also or witness any of the incidence above

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Akara Egg Hahaha Moimoi


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