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5 foods to avoid during menstruation, to prevent painful cramps

Most women the world over do experience some kind of severe cramp during their monthly menstrual flow. A larger percentage of them always wish they were men when it comes to times like this. 

Don't worry too much, let me give you a quick list of foods that you are to avoid when you feel like you are losing it.

1. Alcohol and caffeine:

These are foods that contains a high level of pro-inflammatory agents, they are good hypers. They could disrupt your appetite and bring about unnecessary mood swings. Food that contains caffeine, would definitely make you hyper-reactive and hence makes you psychological and emotionally unstable.

2: Sugary Foods:

Sugary food substances are well known to contain high carbohydrate. Foods like bread, too much garri, rice, sweetened biscuits, sweetened soft drinks and so on, should be avoided. This is because consumption of these foods could lead to a Sharp spike in your blood sugar level.

3. Fried foods:

I know just a few ladies can turn a blind eye to this. Fried foods are known to contain a high level of fat. The meat on its own already has saturated fat which is in a high level, not to talk of the substance you used in frying it. Fatty acids found in meats produces prostaglandins, which is known to be the principal actor in the period cramp.

4. Cold water: Consumption of excessive cold water during menstrual cycle should be avoided. This will help prevent the hormones in the body to be super active and so increase your chances of getting more cramps. Consumption of water in itself during cramp can also increase the level in which blood is secreted during the menstrual Flow.

5. Processed foods: foods that are canned,tinnned and already made foods found mainly in online markets and shopping malls should be avoided this time. These foods contain high carbohydrate level and as such increase one's sugar level which is detrimental to you during the flow period.

Hope you find this helpful.!

Have a stress free menstrual cycle.

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