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Green Stew: One Of The Best Alternatives To Red Tomatoes Stew

Green stew is one of the best stews I have tasted. It is Packed with lots of vitamins and minerals and most importantly, the unique taste and scent is highly irresistible.

First time I tried this stew, I used yam to eat it and I over ate, so much that I slept on the dining table for a while, before I got myself, that day was just too funny Lol

How I got the idea to cook this stew was that, we had a little garden at our backyard, and the landlord wanted to build a little structure there, so they had to pull off all the tomatoes and pepper, It was a really sad day

There were some green tomatoes and pepper on the plant, I gathered all of them, we had green pepper in the fridge. Suddenly a question popped in my head; "Why not use these green tomatoes and peppers to cook?" I rushed to the near by market and got meat and immediatly I started my cooking. It came out nice and tasty, we all ate and since then I go to the market and specifically look for green tomatoes to prepare this green stew.

It's even when I started this Preparing this Green stew I knew that green tomatoes exist, not all tomatoes are red, green is also there. We learn everyday, and I hope you have learnt this one today.

Today, I want to share this recipe with you so you can also enjoy this meal. Read on and learn how to Prepare your green stew


Green tomatoes

Green ball pepper

Green Chilli pepper

Green atarodo pepper


Green or white onions

Garlic and ginger

Ground Nut Oil

Salt and seasoning to taste

Prepare Your Ingridrients To Make Your Cooking Faster And Easier

1. Blend your green pepper, green tomatoes, green chilli pepper and onions together

2. Blend your garlic and ginger and set aside

3. Dice your onion and set aside

4. Wash, season your turkey to taste and boil

After Preparing your Ingredients, You Can Now Cook Your Food With Ease

1. To a clean pot, add your blend of green tomatoes, pepper and onion

2. Add your ground nut oil

3. Add your diced onions

4. Place the pot on the fire and allow to cook

5. When it has boiled out, add your garlic and ginger blend, and your boiled turkey

6. Season to taste and allow to cook more

7. Taste to See if it requires any seasoning adjustment, add turkey stock or water(to taste) , I prefer my green stew dry

8. Reduce the heat, allow to simmer, and bring down when done

Note: When it has done, there will be no foam and oil will float on top.

Serve with your hot boiled yam, or Freshly boiled white rice and enjoy.

It might look new and strange, but believe me when I tell you this stew is worth a try.

You should note that the appreance of your green stew depends on the nature of your blended Ingredients.

If blended smooth, your stew will look like this:

If blended rough, it will look like this:

Now, I know the only way to eat turkey in Nigeria is by buying a live one and killing it . So, other alternatives to turkey you can use are; chicken, goat meat and assorted (offals and the likes)

Thanks for reading. Do well to like, share and comment or ask questions

And if you have tried this stew before, you can testify in the comment section of how delicious and wonderful it is.


Photo Credit: Google

Content created and supplied by: NrsGlory (via Opera News )

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