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5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About The Pringles You Eat

5 Interesting Facts You Should Know About The Pringles You Eat

The last time I was in Shoprite I bought a few cans of the Pringles snack and that's because I just love its taste.

This is one snack I can eat all through the day without getting tired and that's because of its unique taste.

Not quite long after eating the snack, I stumbled on an article about it and it caught my attention.

Here are a few facts about pringles I learned for the article:

1. The creator of the snack was buried in one. Surprisingly, right? But the man who created this snack jokingly told his children he wanted to be buried in one when he died and they honored this request.

2. Pringles were not originally known as pringles. Its first name was Newfangled potato chip, but this name was so difficult to pronounce that nobody listened.

3. Pringles is a very popular snack and is sold in over 140 countries.

4. The Pringles can is not entirely useless as it can be used as a can.

5. Pringles are not really made from potatoes.

That's it, guys. I hope you had found knowing these facts.

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