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See Easy Way To Bake Cake Using Frying Pan

Do you always spend so much money on cakes, either for celebrations or just for eating as a snack?, simply because you do not have an oven to bake. Well this article will help you, by showing you how to use just your frying pan to bake your favorite cake.

I am not here to teach you how to make a cake, or give you cake recipes, I am going to just show you how you can use your frying pan after making your cake mixture. Just follow the picture description below, ater that you can have cake anytime and whenever you want.

1. Make your cake batter, either your chocolate cake, vanilla cake, sponge cake or any kind of cake you want.

2. Grease your frying pan with butter or little oil, so that your cake can come out easily without sticking to the pan.

3. After greasing the pan, pour in your batter slowly into the pan, don't pour all at once. You have to pour so it covers the corner of the pan, You pour and bake batch by batch then cover the pan.

4. Make sure to reduce your gas or stove so it doesn't burn, cover and leave for few minutes the same way you bake with oven, when it is ready, remove and pour another batter.

5. Use a broom to check if it is ready, if the batter does not stick to the broom then it is ready and you can remove it and bake another.

6. When you are done with all, You just put them on top of each other one by one, after doing that apply your icing sugar and decorate your cake.

It is really easy to do, if you have any questions kindly ask through the comments, also share and follow me for more.

Content created and supplied by: UniqG (via Opera News )

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