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How I Make My Delicious Groundnut Soup At Home With These Two Easy Methods.

Groundnut soup of one of my favourite Nigerian delicacies. It has slight similarities with melon soup but for me it is much more sweeter than melon soup.

Groundnut soup or peanut soup is very nutritious but is also high in fats and oil. However, these are the healthy type so it is very okay for consumption.

It is also loved by a lot of Nigerians too for it's rich sweet taste and it has come to stay as a Nigerian favourite.

It definitely is among the most commonly prepared soup in my house, and I like to spice it up every once in a while by learning new recipes that will make the taste more unique and memorable.

Here, I will be taking you through two methods that i use in preparing my favourite delicious groundnut soup at home. These methods are very easy to follow too.

First Ingredients

- 4 cups of groundnuts

- 750g of Meat, fish or chicken

- shrimps(optional)

- one large onion

- 4 garden eggs

- 4 tomatoes

- 2 litres of cold water or stock

- Salt and pepper to taste.

- cube seasoning

- pumpkin or spinach leaves

Now let us look at the procedure.

For Method 1

- Roast groundnuts in sand over slow fire, cool and remove skins of the groundnut. Dust properly to ensure that there is no more sand in the groundnut.

- Then grind the roasted groundnut to a smooth paste.

- Next, wash and cut up the meat, fish or chicken.

- Then I put the meat with salt and water in a pot and simmer gently.

- Next, I mix the groundnut paste with a little liquid or stock and add to the meat on the fire.

- Then I grind pepper and onions and add to the soup. Then I add my thinly sliced tomatoes and garden eggs to the soup. Then I add my seasoning.

- I allow to cook slowly till all the ingredients are tender and the soup is of the right consistency.

- Then I add my vegetables few minutes before I put the soup down, so I don't get over cooked vegetables that might have less nutrients

Note: If fresh fish is used, then I will add the prepared fresh fish about 15 minutes before the soup is ready

And with that my groundnut soup is ready with the first method.

Now for the second method.

- First I roast and grind the groundnut to a paste as normal.

- Next I put the meat, vegetables, half the tomatoes, and the onions into a pot and allow to simmer.

- Then I mix the groundnut paste with water to a thick consistency and sieve into a separate pot.

- Then I add mashed onion, tomato pulp and a little salt to the paste. Then I bring to boil and simmer with the lid on.

- Stir occasionally until the oil collects at the top. Then remove from fire.

- Next, add it to the meat, mix and add more water if necessary.

- Then add your seasoning and cook slowly until thick. Then add your pumpkin leaves.

The oil from the groundnut is extracted in this method so that it does not float on top the soup, giving the soup an unattractive oily appearance.

And there you have it, two simple methods to making that delicious groundnut soup that you can easily try out at home.

You can enjoy this soup with any type of swallow of your choice or even with white rice.

Do comment below any questions or suggestions or any recipe you would want me to share with you.

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