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How To Make Sugar; 5 Simple Steps

Sugar is a sweetener, used at homes to and in the industries to sweeten foods. Making sugar is actually easier than you think.

Only few ingredients are needed for making sugar. These are sugar canes, water, quick lime, and animal charcoal (burnt bones).

Here are simple 5 steps of making sugar;

1) Crush the sugar canes and squeeze them to obtain the raw juice. Spray the crushed sugar canes with water, and again squeeze. Repeat this process several times to obtain more impure (dirty) raw juice.

2) Boil the raw juice with quick lime and filter the precipitated impurities (solid particles). Add little water to the filtrate (liquid juice) and allow to evaporate (expose to dry), and then crystallize (heat to dry) the juice. You'll obtain some thick dark-brown syrup called MOLASSES.

Repeat the above step 2 further so as to obtain more crystals (pure forms) of sugar, together with dilute molasses - the filtrate.

3) Refine the raw sugar by adding a calculated quantity amount of water, in order to wash off the molasses. Then, dissolve in hot water to obtain brown syrup.

4) Use animal charcoal (carbon from burnt animal bones) to remove the brown colour from the brown syrup to give a colourless syrup.

5) Evaporate this colourless syrup, crystallize, filter and then dry it to obtain white granulated (small grains) sugar.

The granulated sugar can be sprayed with a small quantity of water to moisten, so as to compress it to form shapes like cube.

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