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How to make tasty and delicious Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are one of the favorite snack enjoyed in Nigeria today. Like meat pies, spring roll is also easy to make, here are step by step guide on how to make delicious and homemade spring rolls


7 medium size carrots, 1 big cabbage, 500g minced meat, 2 medium size onions, 2 handful of green peas, 4 medium size green pepper, salt, seasoning cube, curry, thyme, vegetable oil, spring roll wrappers, water


1. Wash and slice the onions, cabbage, carrots and green peppers in a separate plates and set aside

2. Wash the green peas neatly, boil your minced meat with one seasoning cube, curry, salt to taste, thyme and set aside

3. Boil the cabbage till it is soft. Then add the carrots and green peas, add 1 seasoned cube and cook until the carrots is soft. Then drain the water out

4. Heat up some vegetable oil on medium heat and fry the meat, add the curry, thyme, red pepper and stir

5. Add your sliced carrots, cabbage, green peas, green pepper and stir properly

6. In a clean bowl pour in your flour and mix with hot water till it dissolves

7. Spread the spring roll wrapper on a flat surface and fill it with the filling, fold it together and seal the edge with the liquid flour as seen below

8. Fry the spring rolls in deep oil until it is brown and crusty

9. Your spring roll is ready to be served

Feels so good! Yummy right? Please try yours at home and feel the taste also don't forget to like and follow for more updates


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Nigeria Spring Rolls


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