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The secret to a long lasting life.

Life is a gift of nature and everyone would love to live it to its fullest, but there are secrets to a long lasting life.

Stress free life is an important fact to a long lasting life with happiness but there are others things that we do not knowing that they shorten and affect our life span, which are lack of rest, lack of exercise, the things we eat or drink.etc

One of the most important thing to a long lasting life are the things we eat or drink. There are fruit and foods that helps the body to look fresh and young which are anti-aging foods which helps in slowing the aging process of the body which are:

1. Avocado. 2. Papaya. 3. Blueberries 4. Vegetables 5. Nuts. 6. Fatty fish etc

The above mentioned items helps in anti-aging and body glow. And there are food that we should avoid which are:

1. White sugar. 2. Fries. 3. White bread. 4. Butter or margarine. 5. Processed meats.

There are other ways of staying young and living a long life which are taking breaks to avoid stress and sleeping for about 5-6 hours in a day, doing yoga, avoid smoking and drinking too much, avoiding excessive sun exposure.

Lastly Living a lasting life also deals with happiness and spending quality time with family and Friends while also following the above rules.

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