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Healthy Alternative Uses Of Tea bags

Tea bags are absorbent pouches that contain dried leaves or powdered tea which when immersed in boiled water, makes a very delicious drink. Tea bags have been in existence since 1903.

The very first tea bags used hand sewn fabric as its absorbent pouch. These pouches eventually made their debut in 1904 and hit the market in 1905 by Thomas Sullivan, a man who was a tea and coffee importer from New York. Thomas Sullivan wasted no time in shipping tea bags around the world.

Over the years, tea bags have proved beneficial in so many ways. Many people are still oblivious of the many benefits one can derive from these porous sachets. Below are a few benefits you can derive from your used tea bags:

Spice up your rice

You can always add a little bit of tea to your grains. Tea helps improve the taste of your rice and other cereals which you love to consume. All you have to do is take out your used tea bag and squeeze the little juice remaining onto your rice or whatever you desire to consume it with. You must be mindful not to sprinkle too much because tea can be a little bitter.

Make a Face Scrub

Due to the various health benefits incorporated in the dry leaves in tea bags, you can always use it as a face scrub whenever the need arises. Get a few used tea bags, rub the moisture all over your face and let it sit for about 15 minutes. And make sure you wash it off with clean cool water afterwards.

Reduce Puffiness Around Eyes

Tea bags can also help you reduce the puffiness around your eyes. This is for those of you who experience puffy eyes especially during the morning hours or when you just woke up from sleep. Get a used tea bag; lay on your back with one tea bag on each eye; leave for about 15 minutes and remove it afterwards.

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