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Checkout an easy way of extracting coconut milk

Coconut milk is usually used in the preparation of different dishes such as coconut rice, beans, coconut bread, cake e.t.c. Although these stated meals are delicious, the stress of extracting the coconut milk can be exhausting.

A lot of people avoid this stress by buying already made coconut powder, but to be honest, nothing beats the fresh natural one without preservatives. Other advantages of the fresh one includes:

1. It is more economical to use the freshly extracted coconut milk than the artificial powdered one especially when cooking large.

2. It is more secure as the source of preparation is trusted compared to the packaged one.

3. It is more healthy because there are no additional chemicals or preservatives.

Now, getting to the main purpose of this article, an easy way to extract coconut milk is by blending.


1. Break your coconut and pull out the back/covering.

2. Dice your coconut into bits, tiny ones so it can be blended smoothly and easily.

3. Put into your blender, add water to taste and blend.

4. Turn in a bowl, add little hot water and allow to soak for a while before sieving out the chaff.

5. You can rinse the chaff the second time with the warm water to get more milk if desired.

Use your extracted milk to prepare any meal or cosmetic product you desire.


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