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Have You Eaten Coconut Candy Before? See How You Can Prepare It At Home

Coconut Candy is one of the favorite snacks in Nigeria. It is a sweet snack that can be gotten in most parts of the country. Coconut Candy is really a yummy snack such that you will always crave for more. It is made with Coconut. You can take Coconut candy with Garri, Pap, etc. You can even eat it alone with a chilled drink. In this article, we will be discussing the procedure of making a sweet Coconut candy at the comfort of your home.


Coconut- Big size

Sugar- ½ cup

Salt- ¼ teaspoon

Materials Required

Frying pan



1.      Remove the coconut from its shell, that is, the hard surface.

2.      Grate the coconut using the medium part of the grater. Make sure the Coconut flakes is not too tiny.

3.      Turn On your cooker into a moderate heat, place your frying pan and pour the grated Coconut, add half cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt, then mix together. Note that it is your desired level of sweetness of the Coconut Candy that will determine the quantity of sugar you will put.

4.      Make sure you stir the coconut flakes while frying so that it won’t get burnt.

5.      It will get to a time when the Coconut flakes will turn brown, reduce the cooker to a low heat and continue to stir.

6.      When you see that the fried Coconut flakes is golden brown, that means you are done with preparing your Coconut Candy.

7.      You can leave to cool for some minutes. Then your Coconut Candy is ready for consumption.

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