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Stop Waiting For Parties, See How To Make Homemade Party Jollof Rice

You don't have to wait for parties before you can eat jollof rice anymore. Here's how to make party jollof rice in the comfort of your home.


1.Red bell peppers

2.Tomato balls

3.Scotch bonnet

4.Red onion

5.Vegetable oil

6.Tomato paste

7.Chicken seasoning cube



10.Garlic powder

11.Bay leaves


13.Chicken stock

14.Washed rice


1.Blend the red bell pepper( tatashe), tomato balls, onion, scotch bonnet (atarodo) smoothly.

The red bell pepper (tatashe) and scotch bonnet (atarodo) should be more than the tomato balls, depending on the quality of the rice you are making, because they add to the color of the rice and taste.

2. Transfer the mixture to empty pan, cook until water dries.

3. Fry the chopped red onions and bay leaves in the vegetable oil until fragrant for 5 - 8 minutes (you can always take out the bay leaves as soon as the rice is ready if you don't like the presence of bay leaves).

4. Add tomato paste and let it fry for about 20 minutes then add the boiled down tomato puree and fry till all the tangy case of tomatoes is gone.

5.Add chicken stock or water

6.Add washed rice then mix (add water, the water and the rice should be in the same level).

7.Then cover with foil. The foil will let the steam infuse into the rice. The more the steam is infused into the rice, the sweeter the jollof rice.

8.Then cook for 25 minutes

Your very own jollof is ready.

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Content created and supplied by: JenniferCollins (via Opera News )

Jollof Rice


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