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Easy Method of Making Egusi soup without Frying- Best Recipe

Nigerian Egusi Soup is a soup thickened with ground melon seeds and contains leafy and other vegetables.A meal that is very capable to make your "mouth water" with sweet scented Aroma, The frying method of cooking this delicious meal, is a popular way of preparing. But in this article we would be teaching another interesting and easy method of cooking Egusi soup.

Here is a simple and easy to follow recipe on preparing Egusi soup without Frying

You will need the following Egusi soup ingredients.:

Egusi Seeds – 200/250g

•Beef – 450g(depending on the amount of meat you want to eat)

•Cooked pieces of fish – 50g ( Endeavor to remove tiny bone carefully)

•Crayfish – 4½ tablespoons

•Ugwu leave(vegetables) – 1 bunch (you may replace with bitter leaves)

Palm oil – 50-60ml(1½cups)

Stock cubes – 3½ cubes

Onion – 1 medium size

Tomatoes – About 5 large ones

Chili powder – teaspoon


Peel and chop the onion neatly.

Cut the beef/meat into small cubes and put it in a pot.

Add ½ of the chopped onion and one stock cube.

Place the pot on your stove, Gas Cooker or Electric Cooker and start cooking, Add ½ cup of water and let it boil.

When the water boils, keep on cooking but this time with a (reduced fire) until the meat gets tender. When done, set the beef aside.•

•Grind the Egusi seeds and add ½ cup of water. Set the mixture aside.

•Blend the peeled tomatoes, remaining 1 of the onion and the chili powder. Again, set this mixture aside too.

Take a separate pot and heat up the palm oil. When it’s warm enough, pour the Egusi mixture into it. Stir well and allow it to boil for a couple of seconds.

•At this stage pour the blended tomatoes into this mixture and stir everything thoroughly.

'Now, it’s time to add stockfish, crayfish, and the second stock cube.

Add cups of water to the mixture and cook for 5 minutes more.

•Add Cubes and the beef and stir Soup Thoroughly (After the *5 minutes* are up).

Reduce the fire and simmer the mixture for a couple of minutes.

Wash and slice the prepared Ugwu (vegetables) or bitter leaves. Chop them finely and add to the mixture that’s simmering at the moment.

Stir the soup and allow it to simmer for some five more minutes, just enough for the leaves to get soft and tender, and your Egusi soup is ready!

Egusi soup is one of the most popular soups prepared by most tribes in Nigeria with considerable variation and often eaten with dishes like Pounded Yams, Fufu or even Garri Prepare it with goat, beef, fish, or shellfish! The food is best served Hot!!

Now that you know how to cook Egusi soup why not try it at home and enjoy, your well prepared delicious meal.

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