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Why Igbo Women Are Good In Preparing Local Soups

Nigeria is home to over 250 ethnic groups with different cultures and traditions but yet, they live as one indivisible unit. The Igbos who live mostly in the eastern part of Nigeria make up 21% of the country's population and they're known to be the traders, business moguls or industrialists.

Their women are known to be strong, hardworking, highly skilled and almost perfect in preparing local soups or dishes. The igbos have inculcated the tradition of mothers teaching their daughter{s} how to prepare local soups because In the past, men were very attracted to women who were strong in farming; fertile and almost excellent in preparing local soups or dishes.

It was widely believed in the past that igbo men were first attracted to a women's beauty and embodiment and secondly, on how good her food tastes. If her local soup is very sweet, men will always come home to their wives to eat rather than go after another woman.

In fact, Igbo men bragged about how sweet their wives food taste when in company of other men. The invite other women to thier homes to come and taste the delicacies of thier wives food to prove they have married the best woman in the woman.

Aware of this information, mothers were then tasked to teach their daughters the secret of delicious food so they can get married and keep their husbands to themselves. The tradition have passed on from one generation to another and today, most of the best restaurants in Nigeria are owned by Igbo women.

Nowadays, people ask if the restaurants they're about to enter are owned by Igbos or not because they believe the eastern women prepare the best local soups in Nigeria.

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