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Mix Coconut Milk And Red Onions to Treat Irregular Menstruation And Ease Bowel Movement.

This excellent home remedy will be a quick one, it's very good in easing the bowel movement which means that it aids one to easily go to toilet especially for those ones that are suffering from constipation. Another good thing about this remedy is that it is also helping regulating irregular menstrual cycles.

Ingredients are-:

One onion bulb (red onion is much more preferable than white onions)

Full cup of coconut milk

Method of preparing this remedy

Get one big red onion or two sizeable onions, peel, wash and cut the onion. Put into your blender or grinder. Add your freshly made cup of coconut milk and allow to blend untill it is very smooth. Some people use canned coconut milk which is not advisable because of the preservatives in it. It's best when you slice coconut flatly and blend slowly with a blender. Always add water to loosen and blend and blend properly then Seive out the coconut milk.

After blending the onions with the coconut milk, It is best that you do not sieve the tiny particles out. So ensure that your blender does a very good job to blend it properly.This will help you to be able to drink the remedy without choking on onion particles.

Drink a glass cup of this remedy at once first thing in the morning when your stomach is still empty especially if you're using it to treat irregular menstruation. It can also aid easy bowel movement. The right dosage for this remedy is by taking once or twice in a week for treating and regulating your cycle and one time is good just to aid your bowel movement.

Note that this remedy tastes very horrible but it sure works wonders. Everyone can take this remedy except PREGNANT WOMEN.

Content created and supplied by: Chinasaramokwu (via Opera News )


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