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Igbo vs Yoruba, which tribe has the best local dishes?

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Everyone is a lover of good food. As much as international foods seem attractive, most people prefer local dishes as they never get boring.

Let's check the following dishes and their pictures.

Abacha, Igbo dish:It is popularly referred to as African salad, it is popular among Igbo people Ewa Agoyin: This particular beans delicacy is popular among Yoruba people because of it's sauce. It is best eaten with soft bread. Pounded yam, it is popular among Ekiti and Ijesha people of the Yoruba tribe. It is best accompanied with Egusi soup or Efo riro with assorted meats.

Eba with Ogbono soup. This dish belongs to the Igbo tribe. Ikokore: This dish belongs to the Ijebu people of Ogun state. Nkwobi: Igbo dish. Amala and Ewedu: Yoruba dish. Fufu and Oha: Igbo dish.

Dundun "fried yam" : Yoruba tribe. See more pictures.

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