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If You See Yourself Eating African Pear In A Dream, This is What It Means

A dream according to Wiktionary is defined as ''imaginary events that occur in the mind while sleeping.'' It is deemed by scholars to be mainly of things you harbour in your mind the most while awake and this is true to a large extent. 

However, some philosophers and religionists strongly believe that it could also serve as a way to communicate things beyond the present to you ahead of time. This has been proved by so many past historic events.

There are times when people do see themselves in a dream eating their favourite meal, fruits etc maybe with friends or alone. This could be normal if the dreamer slept on an empty stomach or with an unsatisfied craving for such a meal.

Anything outside that, has an esoteric meaning which must be sorted and acknowledged.

Whenever, you find yourself in a dream eating this fruit called ''African pears'' and know quite well that you did not sleep with a craving for such, then you should understand that something which shall make you suffer has been projected in your path and you must pray against it.

This fruit signifies suffering in the dream and finding yourself consume it is a situation you must tackle.

Psalm91 may be of help while you pray against such.

May the peace of the lord remain with you.

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