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Nigerians Are Creative, See How This Chef Designed Fufu And Vegetable soup Which Got People Talking.

Earlier on pictures of different creative cake designs were circulating around the internet.

Well here is another creative and unique design. Though, it isn't a cake but it is actually special. A Twitter user @unclepamilerin uploaded a picture of a 'fish' and a plate of vegetable soup, with the caption "are you people okay."

A second look at the fish and you will realised that it is not an ornament but rather it is FUFU. Chefs and Bakers are really going to the extreme to achieve a top notch look.

I mean why spend so much time moulding a food you will end up chewing. I wonder how much she or he must have invested in this design. I mean it actually has fins.

If you are served this will you hesitate to eat it or you will eat it instantly?

This picture got lots of reactions from people;

@earhlymahn asked if it is a fish or a shark. Well, it is definitely a fufu-fish.

Is it creative or not? Please share your opinion.

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Content created and supplied by: Ewa_Misty (via Opera News )

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