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Are You Expecting Any Visitor This Weekend? Here Are Some Delicious Meals He/She Might Like To Eat

A visitor is someone who isn't a member of your family. He/she might be your church member, colleague, client, neighbor, cousin, niece or friend. Visitors usually visit us on special days and tradition demands you give them a very special meal. 

Visitors usually pay us visits on the following days;

1. Our birthday ceremonies; Whenever we want to celebrate our birthdays, we usually invite our friends and family members to celebrate with us. On that special day, you might have lots of visitors.

2. Our graduation day; You may be graduating from primary, secondary or university and so many friends will definitely come to congratulate you, and you have to serve them delicious and tasty meals.

3. Wedding day; The church wedding is usually conducted by the pastor, while the native one is done in the village. Visitors all over the world usually come to celebrate with the couple, and tradition also demands that the couple serves food to everyone present in the occasion.

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