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Breakfast Ideas for You (See Photos)

Breakfast Ideas for You (See Photos)

Breakfast are those food we eat every morning, its very important to our health, it's wakes up our body for the day, skipping breakfast is not good for the body,A healthy breakfast doesn’t just provide you energy to seize the day, it jumpstarts your metabolism, balances blood sugar levels.

Also breakfast are suppose to be light meal and not heavy meal, and also don't forget to take a balance diet. Breakfast recipes consist of the different kinds of foods, which would be listed below.

So Today, we shall be showcasing some breakfast Ideas for you

Supergetti and fried chicken

Toasted bread and tea with cooker oat

Moimoi and fried plaintainPap and MoiMoi with Eggs

potatoes and sauce with fried sauced chickenMeat-pieBread and tea with beans cake (Akara)Boiled Yam and egg sauceCustard with milk and beans cakeBread and sauceBread and custard with beans cakeOkpa mixed with vegetableFried yam and sauceIndomie and egg with fried chickenPlaintain and gizza saucePap and moimoi with supergettiWhich of them do you prefer most? Drop your comments below

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Breakfast Ideas


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