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Amala ,the best meal ever

Amala,a local dish,made from yam.Amala is gotten from dried yam.when cooking amala,we need



(3)gas cooker

(4)wooden stick




The following are the procedures;

First:we light our gas

Second:put our pot on gas,and pour limited amount of water into it.

Third:we wait for the water to boil,while waiting,we put oil on our spoon,so that while dishing our amala it won't stick it to the spoon.

      once,the water has boiled we begin to stir and pour the yam little by little.After stirring we cover it a little after a minute,we open it and put off the gas .Then we put it down and stir it.we can now dish to our plate with our oiled spoon.

    For our soup,ewedu can go with it.For ewedu,we need





(5) broomstick

 we put our pot on fire with water in it,and we let it boil,while boiling we put potash into the water and wait for it to boil,after the water is boiled we put in our ewdeu and wait for a minute to cook,after 1 minute,we stir with broom stick ,after that we can put our maggi and salt and stir it.

  This can be eaten together,with fish,meat.

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